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Swiss LGBTI label: the equality best practice for businesses

As a standard of best practice, the Swiss LGBTI label distinguishes organizations that are committed to equal rights for LGBTI people within the company as holistic Diversity & Inclusion Management has been proven to bring economic success.

This is what the Swiss LGBTI Label will bring

The Swiss LGBTI-Label helps your organization to define clear content and processes to improve your Diversity & Inclusion Management. During the application process, you are already setting the course for further benefits in the future:

Stronger employer branding

You will improve your employer brand and attract global talent who will remain loyal for longer.

Increased competitiveness

Your organization becomes more competitive as you increase the wellbeing of every single member. As a result, your teams work more efficiently, which will increase productivity and innovation.

Stronger Image

The general public perceives your organization as open, committed and social (image enhancement). This will open up access to a new customer base.

Stronger Social Responsibility

With your LGBTI commitment you make an important contribution to a caring and open society. This increases your success through greater social responsibility.

Stronger external influence

Your organization works as a pioneer and role model for other organizations. You automatically gain more media influence because values ​​are important to you.

Stronger internal identification

Those who feel accepted are not only more committed to their work, but also identify with it much more (= better employer engagement).

How to Apply for the Swiss LGBTI label

The Swiss LGBTI label application process runs through five stages. You can count on your point of contact to professionally accompany you at every stage.

Swiss LGBTI label key dates 2024

Completion of self-declaration: by October 15, 2023 / March 15, 2024
Meeting of the application committee: January 2024 / May 2024
Label award: January 2024 / June 2024

Awarding ceremony: June 2024

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Discover the Swiss LGBTI label for your organization now

Make your organization more modern, open and competitive and apply for the Swiss LGBTI label. Visit our offer page and choose the right package for your organization:

Small businesses

up to 14 employees

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Medium sized organisations

15–249 employees

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Large organizations and educational institutions

upwards of 250 employees

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What label holders and ambassadors say about us

What does LGBTI stand for?

The LGBTI acronym stands for:

Lesbian = a woman who is emotionally and sexually attracted to women.

Gay = a man who is emotionally and sexually attracted to men.

Bi = men and women who are emotionally and sexually attracted to both men and women.

Trans (Transgender) = a person who does not feel, or only partially, they belong to the gender that was assigned to them at birth.

VSD oder Intersex = intersex people or people with a variation in sex development (VSD) are born with sex characteristics (genital, gonadal or chromosomal, phenotype) that do not fit the standard binary definitions of male or female bodies.

LGBTI hence stands for people who differ from the majority of the population in their sexual orientation, gender identity or their physical sex characteristics.

The acronym is helpful in Diversity & Inclusion Management to name the dimension but must not lead to stereotypical attributions towards these employees.

More information on the Swiss LGBTI label

Do you need more information about the Swiss LGBTI label? Or would you like to apply for the label?

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